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The Facebook Marketing PROS
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We and other BIG online money-makers are so successful for One Major reason…
We know the literal step-by-step process for success and we follow it exactly.
Now, I want to give you this SAME blueprint so you can join our ranks.

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What if you had the literal blueprint – the EXACT “standard operating procedures” – for 7-figure Facebook marketing success?
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Let me ask you a question – are you making anywhere near 6 or 7 figures a year with your Facebook campaigns?

If you are – awesome job! And you can skip this offer, because it’s not for you

However, if you’re not making anywhere near that, then listen up – I’m about to give you the user manual that we use day in and day out with our team.

Now that you have Social Kickstart to manage big-time Facebook and Social Media campaigns, it’s time for you to learn how to leverage it to its maximum capacity. Otherwise – what’s the point?

Introducing Facebook Domination Blueprint

Facebook Domination Blueprint is a set of nuts-and-bolts operating instructions.

Think of it like a behind-the-scenes user manual for all your Facebook campaigns. It’s the same “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOPs) that the most successful marketers use – including myself.

  • Most people THINK they know Facebook marketing – but they’re really just trying to drive a motorcycle like a scooter.

Take someone who’s been riding a scooter around for a while and they’ll think they know how to operate a motorcycle.

After all – they both have two wheels, an engine, a break lever, and a throttle, right? One is just bigger and goes faster.

Yet, put your average scooter rider on any motorcycle and it becomes apparent very quickly that they have no idea what they’re doing.


Because they weren’t taught how to work the clutch, to listen to the engine in order to know when it’s time to shift gears up or down, and the subtleties of transitioning from one gear to another.

It may SEEM like they’re the same, but they couldn’t be more different.

That’s the difference between 6 to 7-figure Facebook campaign earners and everyone else.

In order to make BIG money, you have to know how to operate BIG campaigns correctly

That means not hopping on a motorcycle and trying to drive it like a scooter. It means reading the instructions first and following them step-by-step.

Check Out Some of Our (and Clients)
Successful Facebook Campaigns

This Set of “Standard Operating Procedures” is Your Literal
7-figure Campaign Operating Guide

With Facebook Domination Blueprint we’ve assembled the step-by-step procedures me, Matt, and other marketers use on our campaigns, which takes all the guesswork out of campaign creation and management and sets your business up for success.

  • Module 1: Conduct Expert Facebook Research and Post Like a Pro

  • Access research and content examples you simply can’t find on your own
  • How wildly successful Facebook marketers research industries and pick their niche/audience
  • Are you posting correctly? Most people aren’t. Find out the ins-and-outs of creating engaging posts that people share, like, and comment on
  • Learn where and how the experts find and select engaging photos for their posts
  • Understand the specifics of how to format posts for maximum exposure
  • Learn how often to post
  • Learn the best times to post
  • Module 2: Facebook Ad Creation

  • Fan-base building using ads
  • Direct-to-Teespring ad setup
  • Direct to sales page/offer using sponsored posts
  • Promoting JVs for a product launch
  • Ad bidding and budget strategies
  • Creating custom audiences
  • The best text to use to connect with your audience (HINT: everyone clicks based on emotion – connect emotionally and your clicks sky-rocket)
  • Ad testing
  • Image selection
  • Split testing
  • Literally EVERY tiny detail you can think of
  • Module 3: Create Winning TeeSpring Campaigns

  • Clear-cut examples of successful Teespring campaigns so you get a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look at what the pros do and how they do it
  • Learn the exact research techniques top Teespring sellers use to get an edge over the competition
  • Implement the special split testing procedures big money-makers use
  • Find out the best way to price your shirts
  • Understand the psychology behind color selection
  • Full campaign walk-through
  • Step-by-step conversion tracking protocols
  • Module 4: Facebook List Building Secrets

  • How to get fans to take massive action
  • Offers that work, and offers that don’t
  • Access stellar examples to see what successful Facebook list builders do from start to finish
  • How to Turn Facebook Fans into Loyal Email Subscribers
  • The 5 Minute Squeeze Page that Converts at 70%
  • How to Monetize those New Subscribers with an Auto-pilot Promotion System
  • How to Turn 1 Subscriber into 10, 50, even 100 Subscribers

Module 5:

Put It All Together
Your 23-Day Plan to Total Facebook Domination

With Facebook Domination Blueprint, we don’t just give you the plans, procedures, and operating instructions, we also provide you with a 23-day plan to build your campaigns using these instructions.

It just wouldn’t be right if we were to give you all the information and “parts” you need in order to assemble a campaign using the exact procedures 8-figure earners use, but didn’t tell you what order to assemble them in.

Can you imagine getting a bookshelf from somewhere like Ikea, having all of the supplies and instructions to build it, but no information on what order to build it in? Sure – you can do it – but it’s not going to be easy.

This 23-day plan is a repeatable, step-by-step implementation process that me and my fellow huge-earning marketers use for every campaign we build. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, with as many campaigns as you want, and the result will always be the same – massive success and tons of money in the bank.

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If you want to dominate your Facebook campaigns, you need the literal steps and procedures the biggest Facebook marketers use. Otherwise you’re flying blind and trying to ride a motorcycle like a scooter.

Don’t wait – take advantage of this
ONE TIME 50%+ Discount, for YOUR eyes only

One Time Investment

Only $197  $97